5 web design certifications to improve your skills

Web design is a technical art form that is required to create a website. To design a website, a website designer uses a set of core fundamentals. Few web designers and developers have self-taught themselves the art of web design, which is insufficient. Certification as a web designer, on the other hand, will give you a lot of options. Obtaining web design certifications also allows you to demonstrate that you are qualified and ready to work as a professional web designer and earn a living.

According to statistics from 2016, the average annual salary of an IT professional with certification and qualification in web design and development is over $70,000. These web design certifications are in high demand because of this benefit.


1. Microsoft Developer Certifications

When it comes to learning about new software development, Microsoft is a fantastic resource. Obtaining certification through exams and skill endorsements will allow you to systematically gain expertise and succeed in the software development field.

Where do you begin when it comes to web designer certifications? Your skills and work experience largely determine this. If you’re new to software development and have less than a year of experience, you’ll benefit from two primary credential levels. They are,

  1. Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) level
  2. Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) level

MTA: HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals (98-375)

Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) technology certification exams were created to endorse and certify your knowledge in the fundamental skills required to begin a career using Microsoft technologies. MTA certifications tap into the enthusiasm of those who want to work in the field of technology. MTA certifications cover a broad range of fundamental technical concepts, assesses and certifies core technical knowledge, and boost technical probability.


Number of Questions: 30-50 questions

Type of Questions: Multiple choice

Time Limit: 50 minutes

Passing Score: 70

Price: 3,696.00 INR


Google’s Mobile Sites certification is given to people who have demonstrated proficiency in both the primary and advanced phases of mobile website design. This web design certification is Google’s only recognition for mobile site specialists.

Exam Details:

No. of Question: 65

Question Type: Multiple Choice

Timing: 90 minutes

Passing Score: 80%

Price: Free


An Adobe Certified Expert is someone who has demonstrated expertise in Adobe software products by passing one or more of Adobe’s product-specific proficiency exams.

Adobe Corporation offers certifications for specific products such as Photoshop and Dreamweaver. It also has a professional track that focuses on gaining a broader understanding of the various subsystems of website design.

ACE: Dreamweaver CC 2015 Certification

Candidates should have two or three years of experience using Adobe Dreamweaver on websites and application projects and web design skills. Candidates perform website structure, web page layout design, programming, and CSS page styling. A potential candidate should also be familiar with JavaScript codes. They should be able to launch sites via FTP and have a strong understanding of web models. They should be able to create and deploy pages that are compatible with all current browsers and devices.

Exam Details:

Part: 2 Parts

No. of Question: 55

Question Type: Multiple Choice

Timing: 75 Min

Passing Score: 63%


A candidate should have spent at least two years working with Photoshop in imaging, publishing, and design environments. The individual must be proficient in the management and production of digital assets. They must also have worked on web, photographic art, photojournalism, advertising design, news and media, video, social media, mobile, and 3-D projects.

Exam Details:

No. of Question: 57

Question Type: Multiple Choice

Timing: 90 Min

Passing Score: 63%

4. MCSD: Web Applications Solutions Developer

A Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer certification would help software and web developers demonstrate their expertise in building solutions using both individual-specified and modern cloud technologies. For software developers, the MCSD certification serves as an international standard. Specialists seeking this web design certification should be familiar with Microsoft tools and languages to examine and design enterprise solutions.

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Exam Details:

Number of questions: 50 Questions.

Type(s) of questions: Tree Questions.

Passing Score: 700/1000

Time limit: 2 Hours

Price: 4,800.00 INR*

5. W3 HTML5 Developer Certificate

The W3 HTML5 Developer Certificate is an internationally recognised certification that demonstrates proficiency in HTML5, XHTML, and CSS. Web designers obtain the W3 HTML5 Developer Certificate as their primary web design accreditation to validate their fundamental knowledge, which is required to progress to more difficult and specialized web design fields.


No of Questions: 70

Question Type: Multiple Choice

Timing: 70 Min

Passing Score: 70%

Price: $95.00


Web design is a diverse, dynamic, and ever-evolving field with bright job prospects. Web design that is both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional continues to be in high demand for business development across all industries. As a result, you’ll have a bright future as a web designer. The web design certifications mentioned earlier will broaden your knowledge and opportunities in this field.