What Is UI And UX Design?


UI is an acronym for User Interface and UX is the acronym for User Experience. These terms UI and UX design are part of the computer lingo. Both UI and UX design are technical concepts that deal with the user’s response to digital products. The UI and UX design deal with the relationship between a machine and a human user. The professionals belonging to both these fields will approach the product from the user’s end. Their prime concern is to see that the users are attracted to and are satisfied with the product. Like, for instance, whether the product is pleasing to the user’s eyes. Or whether it is comfortable to handle.

User Interface Design

User Interface (UI) Design’s interest lies in the look, display, and relation of a product to the user. So, designers focus on the attractive element of the product. Okay, let me clarify. Can you think of any of your shopping experiences? So how did you end up picking up that clothing out of so many? Was it the color? the texture? Was it attractive? That is what UI design is.

The Role of a UI Designer

A UI Designer designs various computer/gadget/phone screens and pages with which a user interacts. For instance, let us look at our phone, you see, the appearance of
these different pages are not the same. Who designs them? The UI Designers.
But UI designers are not responsible for the physical appearance of the mobile phone. UI and UX design are purely software. They work on Operating Systems, like graphic designers, web designers, and interaction designers.

UI Designers and their Responsibilities

The UI designers are responsible for turning a functional product into an attractive and engaging device. They are responsible for the graphic presentation, responsiveness, and interactivity of the machine’s software. They are interactive and visual designers. Their position is vital to any digital interface.

User Experience Design

User Experience (UX) Design, looks for the overall experience and usability of the product. The designers’ main goal is to make the consumers “feel” good about the products.
Let me simplify. Think about that dress that you ended up picking. It is a fabulous dress. But then, you are washing it, and there goes the color! Feeling pissed off? You are not happy about it. Hence, the feedback, the experience, and the feeling you get out of a
product is the User Experience (UX). UX designers will make sure that the consumers are happy about the purchase. Unlike UI designers, who are concerned about the “look” of the product, UX designers are worried about the “feel and the feasibility” of the product.

Role of a UX Designer

Getting confused between the UI and UX designers? Just remember this. The UI designer is concerned about the physical aspect of the software. The UX designer is all about the experience.

UX Designers and their Responsibilities

The efficiency and the effortless workings of the pages are the responsibility of great UX designers. The UX designers are concerned about the feedback that the consumer gives about the product. They strive to enhance consumer satisfaction and reliability by improving
the usability and the pleasure provided by the product, by ensuring that the product flows from one step to the next without making any glitches. It is not an easy task. The design problems UX professionals face have no particular answer. UX designers examine several
strategies and user researches to solve a specific user problem.


So, got clarity on where these concepts are involved? However, both the UI and UX design are crucial in completing a product design. These lesser-known but highly valued information architectures make marvelous things for others. Both the UI and UX designers do their research and their design process to deliver that ideal product. Eventually, when you look at it from a business point of view, both the visual element and the user experience are essential to selling the product. Why don’t you leave your comments in the comment section
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